Sacred Heart Online Learning Program

Friday Program Classes

Week 3

May 15 - May 21


Reading Extension Activities:

  • Take time to pick an activity to complete and have fun following the steps!
  • Read aloud to a parent/sibling/pet to build voice!

Fun with Science:

  • Explore the National Geographic Kids website and discover fun things to do!
    • Play animal games
    • Take fun quizzes
    • Explore a variety of subjects (i.e. space, U.S. States, Weird but True)


  • Pick a category and play a game that helps you make your own music!


Complete the following handprint & footprint crafts!


Scavenger Hunts:

Complete the scavenger hunts below with a family member!



  • We have been having a lot of rain recently - complete activities about extreme weather!
  • Explore how robotics work! 


  • Pick a game and practice your typing skills! Race against other family members!

Kids Can Cook!

How did your recipes turn out from last week? Send us a picture!


Here are 2 more fun recipes to try!


Friday Program Classes
Week 2
May 8 - May 14



Reading Extension Activities:

  • Have fun listening and reading stories and enjoying the games and activities that go along with them. 
  • Have fun Building a Fun Fort to do some reading in, for even more fun turn off the lights and read with a flashlight! 

Fun with Science:

  • Explore topics including Life, Space, Humans, Tech, and Earth!  We would love to hear what your favorite one was. 
  • As an added activity draw a picture of what you learned and share with someone! ​ 

Music Fun:

  • Learn how you can express yourself with music




  • Be creative! Use the image below to make your own mini Sketch book. You can use regular paper, sketch paper or even Construction Paper.​
  • After your book is done draw some of your favorite things!



  • Discover the Nuts & Balls of Engineering and explore the different types of jobs that utilize STEM ( Science, Technology, Engineering, & Math) 

Ninja Warrior:

  • Challenge a family member to do a work out with you. 



  • Check out this fun and interactive typing website. Brush up on your skills and learn new ones. There is lots to explore and to learn!  Lots of levels to explore!! 


Kids Can Cook:
Did you have fun with last week's recipes? How did they turn out?

Here are 2 more fun recipes to try:

Friday Program Classes
Week 1
May 1 - May 7


Chapel Song for the Week

Check out "Awesome" by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago!

Reading for the 5/6 Year old Story Time Adventures 

* Take time each week to sit down and Pick 2 or 3 stories to read together! Talk about what happened in the story! Where did the story take place? Who were the Main Characters? Was there a conflict and resolution? etc. 
* Draw a picture of your favorite story, and send it to us. We would love to add it to our website for all to see!
This website is good for all ages, just click on the category that best fits your needs. 
* Explore the Website together
*Pick a topic that you want to learn about and then write about what you learned
* Call someone that's not in your house and tell them what you learned. 

Scavenger Hunt ideas:
* Create some Abstract art! 
Save it or Take a picture of it to send to us. We can then add it to the Website to see every ones different creations. 

Miss Mel's Art Projects
Handprint & Footprint crafts
Fun Facebook video
Kids can Cook!
*What a great time to be able to do some fun cooking or baking together! We will post 2 fun Kid friendly recipes each week.
*We would love to see pictures of your family working together to make some yummy food! 
Quick Oatmeal Pancakes
15 Minute Pizza 
Stem Activities/Coding
Here you can explore the world of Coding. Make your own Google and then send us your design. 
  • Buy Mavis Beacon for $12 from Amazon and download to your computer for your child to advance their typing skills.
  • Free site for typing:
Imagination Stations
Create some fun Master Pieces using items that you already have at home. Here are some ideas. 
We would love to see your Creations! What can you make? Use your Imagination! 

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