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Check here for short inspirations on how to maximize this special time at home with your family!  Tips on peaceful schooling, your schedule, setting new goals, staying soaked in scripture, and thriving as a family!
Hear from your fellow SHA families on tips and inspirations to live "life to the fullest" during this unique and special time with your family!
Chapel Song for the Week

Check out "Awesome" by Charles Jenkins & Fellowship Chicago!

Saint Book Series (referenced in the Listening to Jesus video):
  • Windeatt Coloring Book Series (K - 6) - click here.
  • Windeatt Vision Series (4 - 6 reading level. Can read to younger students) - click here.
Listening to Jesus training video:

Family Inspirations:

The McGuffey Family
   "The other day the kids were riding bikes and their challenge was to ask God for a truth each time they passed me (Kristina). They came up with a  precious list, so we typed it up and framed it. I would highly recommend the activity. It was fun to see the way the Lord spoke to them!"

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